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Why Jigsaw Puzzles Make A Perfect Gift!

During these unusual lockdown times what better way is there than to gift your loved one with something fun and quirky? Stuck for ideas? Then why not gift your loved one with a jigsaw puzzle for you both (if possible) to solve together?


Jigsaw puzzles are a great choice for the following reasons:

  • They exercise both sides of the brain (controls analytic and logical thinking and the right-side controls creativity)
  • Improves memory and problem solving skills
  • Improves visual and spatial reasoning skills as a result of looking at the shapes of the pieces and figuring where to best place them. 
  • They enhance moods and and can lower stress levels
  • A great way to connect with each other because you'll both be working as a team to achieve the end goal of completing that jigsaw puzzle
  • Are perfect for needed lone time, which your loved one may need from the bustle and unrelenting stimulus of todays digital lifestyle 

One thing lockdown has done for us all, is compel us to be creative with how we spend our time and for others. I certainly enjoyed designing a few lockdown themed prints for jigsaw puzzles and I hope that they bring a smile to you and your loved one. 

Completing a jigsaw puzzle is just one of many fun creative things to do. So head on over to the Gifts Collection to purchase one of these puzzles for you and your loved one to enjoy! 


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